Terms & Conditions

In the event of cancellation on or before 3 months prior to the date of the event, the delegate company will be liable to pay 20% of the‘Total’ amount above. Cancellation thereafter will incur 100% of the ‘Total’ above. All cancellations must be given in writing.

No private functions may be organised involving any delegates during the HI Design programmes.

No persons may attend any part of the event other than those officially under the HI Design programme.

Personal travel insurance must be arranged by the delegate.

Vaccinations (where applicable) must be organised by the delegate.

Visa requirements (where applicable) must be organised by the delegate.

No delegate may attend the event unless all amounts listed above under ‘Payment’ are paid up by two months prior to the event date.

The event includes accommodation at the specified event hotel, for the nights of the event, inclusive. Extra nights are charged at £120 per night.